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Sing With Joy, You Advent People!

I hear from people who wish there was more Christmas music in Advent services. As someone who enjoyes the diversity of the liturgical year, I just can’t bring myself to plan Christmas carols/hymns before Christmas Eve. I was also thinking how few songs are written specifically with the four Sundays of Advent in mind.

MISSION: A familiar Christmas tune paired with a text that conveys Joy for the third Sunday of Advent.  Aside from “Joy to the World” (too obvious), no other Christmas hymn makes me feel as joyful as “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

You could also choose another familiar meter hymn tune and omit the refrain. STUTTGART or QUEM PASTORES might work well, but they’re not as joyful.

This text setting is for the original French carol tune which is only slightly different than the more familiar GLORIA. For that reason, I’ve created a printable PDF with the musical notation: Sing With Joy, You Advent People!

*If you decide to use this text, please leave a comment telling where it will be sung!*

Sing With Joy, You Advent People
LES ANGES DANS NOS CAMPAGNES with refrain (“Angels We Have Heard on High”)

Sing with joy, you Advent people!
Hopeful hearts inspire your song.
Fill the Earth with alleluias
For the wait will not be long.

Joyful hearts sing with exultation!
Joyful hearts sing with exultation!

Draw with joy the springing waters
Bursting from the Well of God.
See the wondrous Gift of Heaven,
Key of David, Jesse’s Rod.


Shout with joy, O Daughter Zion!
Sing aloud, Jerusalem!
Now your God is coming nearer.
Sorrow’s time is at an end.


Tune: Traditional French Carol
Scriptural References: Isaiah 11:1, 12:3, 22:22; Zephaniah 3:14
Text: Copyright © 2012 by David Wood. All rights reserved.
Permission is given for duplication and use within worship settings.
Written for the congregation of First United Church, Bloomington, IN –

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19 thoughts on “Sing With Joy, You Advent People!

  1. Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing. I will file this link away for next year.

  2. Rev. Monica Guepet on said:

    In Ackermanville, PA

  3. Joan Scarrow on said:

    This is wonderful, it will be a great addition to my services this Sunday in Hallville and Inkerman Ontario, Canada. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Jane Hessdorfer on said:

    Thanks for this – We’ll be singing it on December 6, 2015 at St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church in Airdrie, AB

  5. Thank you. I’m hoping that we will sing this at St Thomas’ Uniting Church, Craigieburn on Advent 3, December 13, 2015

  6. Thank you! We will be using it for Advent 3, Uniting CHurch in Australia, Belair (Adelaide).

  7. Marlys Moen on said:

    Thank you for this timely gift! We will be using it on Advent 3, Mount Zion Lutheran Church, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

  8. Reverend Ineke Gyles on said:

    Thank you so much for your willingness to share your hymns we will be using Advent 3 at Narre Warren North Uniting Church. Victoria. Australia. Also thank you for Light a candle bright and straight. Rev. Ineke Gyles

  9. Joan McRae on said:

    Thank you for thins splendid Advent 3C hymn which I plan to use in two Uniting Church congregations, Colbinabbin and Murchison in northern Victoria, Australia on December 13, 2015

  10. Christine Garner on said:

    Thank you for your generous gift in sharing this song which we will use at Morialta Uniting Church, Magill, South Australia on 11 December 2016 Advent 3.

  11. Lyn Goff on said:

    Thank you for this resource; it will be most helpful with the Advent 3C reading from Zephaniah which I will reflect upon in our ‘Faith App’ at Lakes Entrance Uniting Church on 16th December

  12. Thank you for sharing this song with us! We will be singing it on Advent 3 at St. Hilda’s Anglican Church, Sechelt, BC, Canada

  13. Sherry Kendrick on said:

    Thank you for this lovely text. We will use it on December 16, 2018, at Springville Presbyterian (USA) Church near Birmingham, Alabama.

    Sherry Kendrick

  14. Josie Yarham on said:

    Thank you, we will be singing it this Sunday Advent 3C in St Catherine’s Anglican Church, Brisbane

  15. Earl Goulbourne on said:

    Thank you for sharing. Use this Sunday in Queens NY

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song! Heritage Presbyterian Church in Carol Stream IL will be using it 12/8/2019. Blessings to you!

  17. Brigid Coult on said:

    My soloist’s mother is sick and we’re substituting a hymn – and this is perfect for this week! St Mary’s Kerrisdale, in Vancouver, BC

  18. Our choir will use it as an advent anthem at church.

  19. Craig Miller on said:

    Thanks for sharing. Using for Advent 3 on 12 December 2021 at Knox United, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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